Matt Film(General and UV)

The matt side has special decorative effects.Broadly used in book, advertisement booklet, gift bag or other decorative lamination packaging. The matt film is used for general gold-stamping and the UV matt film is used for gold-stamping and UV ink printing.

Main Characteristic:

1.  Delicate and balanced Matt-effect;

2.  High smoothness and low static;

3.  Low-gloss, few white points and crystallized points;

4.  Excellent shading;

5.  Excellent printing and laminating performance.



Main Properties:

Product Code 15M/15M1/18M/18M1/19M/19M1/20M/25M//25M1/48M/
Item Unit Value Testing Standard
Thickness tolerance % ±3 GB/T 6672
Average thickness tolerance % ±6 GB/T 6672
Tensile strength MD Mpa 100 GB/T 13022
TD 200
Elongation at break MD % 180 GB/T 13022
TD 65
Heat shrinkage MD % 4.0 GB/T 12027
TD 2.5
Coefficient of friction (Non-treatment side/Non-treatment side) / 0.6 GB/T 10006
Wetting tension mN/m 38 GB/T 14216
Gloss(The matt side) % 12 GB/T 8807
Haze  % 70 GB/T 2410


*The above data are typical values;

Special requirement on request

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