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The Award Ceremony for Excellent Staff of Wingning Film Ltd. In 2020

The first Five-year Plan of Wingning Film Ltd. had achieved excellent results, and 2020 was the last year of the first Five-year plan. Every progress and success of Wingning was inseparable from the hard work and selfless dedication of all staff. For purpose of thanking all staff for their hard work, setting up exemplary models and encouraging them to make more progress, in this meaningful beginning of 2021, our company held The Award Ceremony for Excellent Staff.

A number of awards, such as Full Attendance Award, Excellent Employee Award, Outstanding Contribution Award, were set up in this ceremony.Through the voting of all employees of the company,we selected the most dedicated staff in each position.The awards were presented with continuous applause and warm atmosphere. What an exciting moment!

It is precisely with batches of hard-working employees who are willing to contribute silently, our company's second five-year plan can be successfully launched. We also believe that the second five-year plan will be completed successfully by joint efforts.