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Million Parade for Charity in 2021

集体照(Wingning staff took a group photo together).jp

行进中的团队(Wingning Team on the march).JPG

The annual great event -- Million Parade for Charity was officially held in XiaoLan town on March 20th, 2021.

As one of the development force of Xiaolan enterprises, the leaders and employees of Wingning Film Ltd. made up a team of 34 people to actively participated in the activity. We wore red and gray work clothes, stuck the special stickers of public welfare activity on our arms , shook the small flag of love, and walked with neat and powerful steps to show the vigorous spirit of our staff. 

Adhering to the spirit of fraternity, our company has been inheriting the charity culture, gathering every bit of love within the company, actively participating in fund-raising activities, giving back to the society, and contributing to the public welfare activities.